Thursday, February 14, 2030

Personalized D/s Training for All Genders and Orientations

Sky Institute offers personalized D/s training for all genders:
--train as a dom (male) or domme (female),
--train as a submissive with real skills, a proper sub mindset, and the personal integrity that any dominant would be very pleased to see,
--ask your dom(me) to send you to Sky Institute for customized, very targeted skill-building trainings.  Or, work with Mistress Sky to deepen your submission and better be able to please your dominant,
---Dominants, call Mistress Sky, for a confidential consultation,
--D/s couples are a specialty for training or consultations or counseling.  Call or email because you want a deeper understanding of how D/s philosophy can support your partnership and your life together.

Email Sky at

Sky Institute's Statement of Purpose

Sky Instittute is a training program that offers personalized guidance and teaching in dominance/submission as a lifestyle philosophy for individuals and for D/s couples.  We are a group of very experienced female dominants.  Each of us has been a practicing lifestyle domme for many years. We are pledged to use our immense experience to teach and to mentor.  We are people of great integrity with a strong sense of responsibility toward others.  We'll help you to grow further, to develop further as competent mature individuals or couples in the lifestyle.

Your privacy is extremely important to us.

Leader:  Sky Gates (Mistress Sky), a professional relationship counselor, specializes in alternative lifestyles.  Email:

Friday, August 18, 2017

SURVEY: Master/slave and dominance/submission

TAKE OUR VERY INTERESTING AND VERY BRIEF SURVEY ABOUT YOUR M/S OR D/S RELATIONSHIPS.  Data will be reported here and will be used in my second book on Unequal Partnerships.  If you have questions, please, email me at  THANK YOU.